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Jumaat, 24 April 2009


I never needed you for pointing out my wrongs
I never needed pain,
I never needed strain
My love for you was strong enough,
you should have known
I never needed you for judgements
I never needed you to question
what I spent I never asked for help,
I take care of myself
I don't know why you think you gotta hold on me
And it's a little late for conversations
There isn't anything for you to say
And my eyes hurt, hands shiver,
So look at me and listen to me
I don't want to stay another minute
I don't want you to say a single word
Hush hush, hush hush
There is no other way,
I get the final say because
I don't want to do this any longer
I don't want you, there's nothing left to say
Hush hush, hush hush
I've already spoken, our love is broken
Baby hush hush
I never needed your corrections
On everything from how I act to what I say
I never needed words,
I never needed hurt
I never needed you to be there every day
I'm sorry for the way
I let go On everything
I wanted when you came along
But I ain't never beatin', broken not defeated
I know next to you is not where I belong
This song dedicated to you, -YOU-.
Life must go on rigth..we never know its willl be came true or not..redha.

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  1. hehehe..
    better u entry ur blog in bm
    confirm more friend wil text u